Thigh High Stockings and the celebrities who love em

Celebrities who love Thigh High Stockings.

Hollywood’s sexiest sexpot Megan Fox

Thigh High Stockings and the celebrities who love em

What are thigh Highs?

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“Thigh Highs” are a common term for thigh high stockings. They are a specific style of hosiery. Unlike full pantyhose, this style ends just about mid-thigh, instead of going all the way up to your waist. Exactly where a pair of thigh highs ends on your leg will depend on your height and inseam. ”


Why do men find Thigh Highs so sexy?
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Promise of Seduction

“Black stockings are a starter for the meal to come. When your woman dresses in black stockings, high heels, and an alluring outfit, you know what’s going to happen later in the evening. Men love to watch their woman gently rolling stockings onto their legs. They adore the mouth-watering sight of stockings being rolled downed, lifted from the woman’s toes, and dropped to the ground.”

Celebrities who love Thigh High Stockings.

Elsa Pataky in her Thigh Highs

What is the Biggest Myth about Thigh High Stockings?

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MYTH #1: Thigh highs are the same as tights, stockings, or nylons

Contrary to popular belief, thigh highs are actually not the same as tights or nylons. Thigh highs are two separate articles of material to be put on one leg at a time. On the other hand, tights are a single piece of material comprised of two legs connected by a gusset in the center, with a waistband. You can refer to our Glossary for more technical terminology on all types of hosiery.


Hopefully with a better understanding of what Thigh High Stockings are you can have an ever deeper appreciation for the soft and sensual beauty of celebrities wearing this highly seductive piece of lingerie. There is just another level of eroticism whenever a woman wears this particular piece of lingerie. However, when you put these kinds of erotic garments on a celebrity? OMG!

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