Sensualité Photography – The erotic art of Sensual Intimacy Photography

Sensualite - The art of Sensual Photography

Credit: Sir D Gabrielson

Sensualité Photography

The erotic art of Sensual Intimacy Photography

By Damali Conceptuals

What is Sensualité Photography

Dramatic lighting succulent flesh with an erotic sensuality. This is a NSFW collection of artistic and classy boudoir art pieces with an erotic photography essence.  Sensualité is a form of photography that is boudoir styled with a highly erotic aesthetic. Sensualite  is not just erotic photography or boudoir photography. Sensualité has an extremely sensual and melancholy emotional component that makes it very soothing to the senses. Sensualitie Photography has to have three primary components to be designated within this style of photography. While I personally believe that these images should be darker than most images, it is not written in stone. I could envision soft and beautiful natural light images that could easily be considered Sensualité Photography.

  1. Emotive Photography
  2. Erotic Photography
  3. Boudoir Photography

Why Sensualité Photography

Sensualité Photography is for those artists who offer more expression than boudoir photography was ever meant to convey. This style of photography is almost emotive photography; however, the problem is the obvious sexuality that these portraits portray. True Sensulité photography has to have that emotive component within the sexuality to form something seamless.  This seamlessness of emotive photography, erotic photography, and boudoir photography becomes an amalgamation of three distinctively different art –forms. This is why I had to create this designation of  Sensualité photography I cannot accurately compartmentalize sensualité  images because when I had to edit them for curation purposes,  I struggled immensely because I could easily take these images and call them either emotive photography or erotic photography or boudoir photograph y and not be wrong. As an existentialist this was a constant and unnerving predicament to be shackled with.

As of today, writing this article, Soft Screams Magazine is the only publication in the world to give this designation to a style of photography that has not been accepted by the public, our peers, or other photographers. I hope this designation of photography does become accepted, although I doubt it. When you dedicate yourself to being an artist, you cannot be scared to break away from the status quo and follow your heart.  I hope you all enjoy these images from artists who have no idea that they are being recognized by me and this blog-a-zine as master artists of Sensualité photography.




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