Rosee Divine in her ONLY Full Frontal Nudity Pictorial

Rosée Divine showing off her thickalishus hips and thighs.

Rosee Divine wearing nothing but her bath towel.
Credit: Rosee Divine IG

Rosee Divine

French Porn Star and Drake’s Baby’s Momma!

by Belladonna Del Rio 

Full Disclosure, I never heard of this French porn-star “Rosee Divine” a day in my life. First I received a call from my BFF Damali this morning talking about some rapper named “Pusha T” totally eviscerated Drake in some sort of Hip-Hop beef/rap battle.  The second thing that occurred to me was me questioning why the hell is Damali my BFF? Considering he is in his late 40’s and he is calling me up in the morning like some kind of junior high school girl with gossip about the two toughest kids in school trying to catch a fade after class. The third thing that went through my mind was “Wait…Drake has a baby’s momma?”  My sexxxalishus Canadian crush slapped a kid in some other chick than me? What the hell is going on!

After I had my coffee and calmed down I took the opportunity to look into this situation myself.  Lo and Behold,  there it was , Drake knocked up some bodaciously  beautiful,  ass so big that it drags in the dirt,  thicker than a snicker, French porn-star named Sophie Brussaux;  AKA “Sophie B”, AKA “Rosee Divine”.

Side Note **For the life of me I cannot figure out why they keep calling her a porn-star considering that I haven’t seen any videos of her having actual sex?  However, for the sake of not confusing things, I will begrudgingly call her a “porn-star”, even though I cannot find one second of tape of her having sex on film.  **

I cannot figure out what is the biggest scandal? Was it the fact that Drake knocked up this porn star or the “BOOM! In your face you bitch ass Canadian Fuck” style in which the entire world found out through the lyrics of a rapper named Pusha T, Kanye West’s camp.    I must admit, that this rap game has been boring me shitless for the last 8 or so years and I am thrilled that somebody finally said something that resembled some machismo.  What led up to this war of words between these two ummmm.. Gentlemen?


Rosee Divine showing off her huge assets in black lingerie.

Rosee Divine in a bootyfull pin-up.
Credit: XXL Magazine

Writer Justin Charity for “The Ringer” described best what led up to this lyrical shit storm.

“  “The Story of Adidon” is the third and, so far, most exhilarating entry in the most recent round of hostilities between Pusha-T and Drake. First, there’s “Infrared,” which Pusha-T released on Friday. Then, there’s “Duppy Freestyle,” which Drake released several hours after Pusha released “Infrared” and the rest of his most recent album, Daytona. “Infrared” and “Duppy Freestyle” were both exciting releases, but the rappers mostly rehashed old, familiar complaints about each other: Pusha-T accuses Drake of being a music industry hack who doesn’t write his own songs, and Drake retorts that Pusha-T is a broke nobody who routinely exaggerates his criminal past. Typical rapper shit”

I listened to all three tracks and I have to tell you, that as much as I love me some Drake? Pusha T really did push Drake face down into Sophie’s pillow and throttled his sphincter unmercifully while Sophie watched and eagerly awaited her turn for the deep “dicking”.  It was worse than that time Little Snoop WHIPPED up on that rapper “Retro” with his whack “awwww… fuck no” lyrics. (Can you tell I just had my second cup of coffee?)


Watch Rosee Divine Shake her humongous ass for you!

Rosee Divine Behind the scenes of her shoot

I have some nude photos of Rosee for you to lust over because we are still “SOFT SCREAMS MAGAZINE” and not some music rag. What you might really enjoy about this collection that I curated for you is that these might be the ONLY FULL FRONTAL NUDE shots of Rosee Divine on the planet!  Almost every shot of Rosee Divine is focused on her thick and lushes ass. (I’m not complaining) I wanted to see Rosee in something more sensual, erotic, and yes… I wanted to see her female genitalia! These were impossible to find but I did find them for you and I trust you will find her as sexually appealing and erotic as I do.

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