Merry Lewdmas Baybee!

Merry Lewdmas Baybee!

Merry Lewdmas Baybee!
Model: Jessica Nigri

Merry Lewdmas Baybee! An erotic and sensual Christmas Cosplay collection.

Merry Lewdmas Baybee! Model: Dota

Merry Lewdmas Baby! Ok, so in the spirit of being as open and honest as I possibly can with you? I just like you have crushes on certain cosplayers except mine are girl crushes. Like any other
red blooded American there is no way my eyes can fall on Jessica Nigri’s succulent flesh and not want to have her baby. So when Jessica Nigri started her “Lewdmas” campaign? As the reigning queen of cosplay and the invoker of some clearly latent lesbian tendencies on my part, I felt as a loyal subject I should follow her lead. Therefore, the theme to my entire article will be about Jessica Nigri’s “Lewdmas” cosplay. I know that Jessica doesn’t even know I and this blog-a-zine even exist, but this is my fantasy and don’t judge me! LOL…


So, this fantasy article will be written around the concept of extremely sensual cosplay artists wishing you a Merry Lewdmas.  I curated a gorgeous collection of various sexxxalishus cosplay artists ranging from the queen of all cosplay artists such as Jessica Nigri to some very exotic and relatively unknown Asian “kawaii” models and I found some voluptuous cosplay artists as well.  The only cosplay model I could not find and I was terribly bummed out about it was one of my other huge cosplay crush artists, Australian super star Kalya Erin.  Well, maybe next year, if I drop subliminal hints in her DM around August perhaps, she will pour herself into some lingerie and don a Santa Hat or something.


If I am missing anybody significantly sexxxalishus this Lewdmas year, DM me or respond in the comments below. I would love to either add them to this page or feature them next year. The best part is that they would be on my radar going forward and I will seek them out in the future for other great cosplay themes and articles. Remember I am a newbie’s noob.  I am learning things as I go along and I am going to mess up and make a lot of mistakes at first.


Jessica Nigri The Queen of Lewdmas Cosplay!


Merry Lewdmas Baybee! A soft and lewd Christmas Cosplay

Merry Lewdmas Baybee! Model: Jessica Nigri

 Instagram: @Jessicanigri 


Merry Lewdmas from Cosplay Super Star Kate Sarkissian!


Merry Lewdmas Baybee Kate Sarkissian

Mei Boudoir Cosplay
Model: Kate Sarkissian

Instagram: @k8Sarkissian 


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