Merry Lewdmas Baby!

Merry Lewdmas Baybee with Alicia Haines

Merry Lewdmas Baybee!
Model: Alicia Haines

Merry Lewdmas Baby!

by Sharla El-Zzad


Ok, so in the spirit of being as open and honest as I possibly can with you? I, just like you, have crushes on certain cosplayers; except mine are girl crushes. Like any other red blooded American there is no way my eyes can fall on sexxxalishus Jessica Nigri’s succulent flesh and not want to have her baby. So when Jessica Nigri started her “Lewdmas” campaign for the holidays? As the reigning queen of cosplay and the invoke of some clearly latent lesbian tendencies on my part? I felt as a loyal subject I should follow her lead. Therefore, the theme to my entire article will be about Jessica Nigri’s “Lewdmas” cosplay. I know that Jessica doesn’t even know I or this blog-a-zine even exists, but this is my fantasy and don’t judge me! LOL…

I decided to start this article and page off with two of my favorite queens of Cosplay, Jessica Nigri and Kate Sarkissian. They are both superstars of this genre and overall I think they did the best work as far as creating gorgeous and sexxxalishus cosplay pieces with a “Christmas” or more accurately “lewdmas” theme. My selections are based more around the Hardqoor Magazine theme of “Sensual Cosplay” instead of Soft Screams Magazine’s theme of “Erotic Photography”, however,  I believe the differences are so subtle you will enjoy them just as much. Hardqoor Magazine doesn’t  allow any nudity on its publication and I know that Soft Screams Magazine does. So, I chose (with the assistance of Belladonna and Damali Conceptuals) some nude pieces for this article as well. Let me know what you think of my choices. I created about 8-10 different galleries for this theme and I hope you enjoy them as  much as I did curating them. Remember, we did NOT take these images nor do we claim any ownership.  They are simply curated for your pleasure and education. Support these artists by going to their websites and social media platforms.


Jessica Nigri and Kate Sarkissian


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A sexxxalishus romp into Hardqoor Magazine's Lewdmas Pin-ups collection

Merry Lewdmas Babee!

Photo by Celeste Giulliano


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