Here’s What Women Really Think About Your Beard

by Wesley Oaks

Are women attracted to men with beards?

Are men with Beards sexier than men without beards?
Image Source: sensualcouples on tumblr

Here’s What Women Really Think About Your Beard


Beards are definitely in style and they seem to be springing up everywhere. There’s an unspoken bro code when a man sees’s another man with a good looking beard. It’s respectable and it’s like being a member of a special club. You may give each other a nod as you walk by or a quick hello and it’s just a way of saying “hey, nice beard!” but what are women thinking about this beard trend?

It’s obvious that the majority of men love a great looking beard but do women feel the same? If you’re a single male this is going to have the greatest effect on you since you’re out dating and trying to meet new women. If you’re married it may have a lesser effect but not all wives are as vocal about their opinion on appearances so let this article be your guide into the mind of women and their thoughts on bearded men.

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