The Erotic Fetish of Podophilia

Podophilia- What honestly scares me is how many people are going to read the title, see the word “Podophilia” and assume it’s something else, much sicker and deviant. For those of you who are clearly in need of some serious Psychiatric and medicinal therapy, you will find this article to be a humongous disappointment. On the other hand, if you are a man or woman with certain proclivities for fetishes, this article, statistically speaking, is one that you will love!

Podophilia the hottest fetish in the world

Image found on abel1blog on Tumblr


Podophilia, is the nerd jargon for having a “foot fetish”. Some people  prefer the term “foot worship” or even ” foot partialism” has been thrown around.  Whatever phrase gets your juices marinating, feel free to use it. Me myself? I prefer the good ole saying ” Foot freak”!  Heaven knows that’s exactly what I am!  I love the sensuality of a woman’s foot or a man’s well manicured toes.

The photography of fetishes is a strange one. For the most part, they seem to rarely swerve of course from very well lit, glamour styled photography. With the exception of maybe BDSM which definitely is just as popular shot in an editorial fashion and even more shocking? I find that the hottest trend in BDSM photography is shooting in an “amateurish” style.  However,  when it comes to foot fetishes? I find that most foot fetishes are photographed in a “glamour” styled composition. The vast majority of this article features images captured in a glamour style. If you are a photographer and you are reading this? Don’t be shy!  I would LOVE to feature some Fine Art Foot Fetish photography!

Belladonna Del Rio




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Bath Time

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You know I’m not shy?

credit: Found on Cockandfeet on tumblr

Just Spreading the Love

credit: Femjoy

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


It’s the salty taste of her sweat that gets me off!

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You know you wanna taste!


My toes are begging for your mouth…

credit: uckyeahittybity on tumblr

Start with my toes and my asshole is yours!

credit: asslovesfeet89 on tumblr

My feet and my pussy craves your mouth


If you suck my toes? I will let you tongue my ass!

credit: MPL


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