Erotic Editorial Photography

Erotic Editorial Photography featuring Tatiania Eriksen

Model: Tatiania Erikson
Photo by : Vongsawat

Erotic Editorial Photography


“Erotic Editorial Photography where erotic photography and editorial photography are amalgamated as one.”

Damali Conceptuals


Erotic Editorial Photography. One of the tenants to creating quality photographic art is its composition. In our realm of the visual arts, composition is the placement or arrangement of visual elements in a work of art, as distinctive from the subject as possible and yet still ties in with the subject. Another element of quality photographic art is its ability to tell a story. Lastly, when it pertains to erotic photography, the most important element I say, ad nauseum is the mystery which creates the illusion of the tease. There is a subtle art to editorial photography and that is the ability to tell a story without using words. Which basically means that it is extremely composition based photography. However, since everything we do here at Soft Screams Magazine is ensconced in the sexxxalishus world of “Erotic Photography”, we require even our editorials to have an erotic aesthetic and sensual vibe in it. Erotic Editorial Photography requires an almost perfect balance of all three of these elements.

Erotic Editorial Photography featuring Beate Muska

Model: Beate Muska
Photographer: Christopher von Steinbach


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