Erotic Color Splash Photography in a Fine Art

Erotic Color Splash Photography by Unlawful Color on Tumblr.

The one breast, the mystery, the tease, the style, the class, the BOMB! By Unlawful Color on Tumblr

Erotic Color Splash Photography

Curated by Belladonna Del Rio and Damali Conceptuals

Written by Belladonna Del Rio 
All Images sourced and curated from and credited to Unlawful Colors on Tumblr 


Color Splash Photography

Color splash photography is sometimes called “Selective Coloring ” photography  “Selective colorization”  photography or the one I love the most  “selective desaturation” photography. Since Apple’s “Color Splash Pro” app is what brought this style of editing to the mainstream consciousness of the imaging world, we will go with “Color Splash” for continuity purposes.

This is going to be one of those articles that I am more than aware that a lot of people will not care for.  The reason being that color splash photography is one of those weird styles of photography that people such as myself and Damali Conceptuals either LOVE it or HATE it and there are very few people in –between.  The reason why I still went ahead with this article is because I honestly do not understand the point of being the boss and not indulging in a few  selfish pleasures from time to time and this my friends is one of them.


What is Color Splash Photography?


“When you use the color splash effect on an image, what you are essentially doing is stripping the whole image of its color except for one, or more, small portions. This makes the images have a very strong focal point that not only brings the subject into focus but also gives birth to an amazing contrast between a bold color and a greyscale background.

Using color splash can bring interest to even the dullest of photos. That’s not to say that the effect should only be used to reclaim a lost image, as it can be a very important part of professional creative photo editing as well.”


Erotic Color Splash Photography by Unlawful Color on Tumblr.

Blues ..Curves..and a gorgeous smile and she has us all By Unlawful Color on Tumblr

Why Do so many photographers loath color splash photography?

per Dutch photographer Jan at 

Color splash makes everything shit!

It’s overdone

” We live in a visual era so you can say that everything is overdone. Rustic tabletops? Endless white sheets on lifestyle accounts on Instagram? Photos of people pretending to hold the Leaning Tower of Pisa? A6 filter in VSCOCAM? I hear you; you’re fed up.

But you know what? Selective desaturation will make your photos look even more uniform than that.

There’s only so many ways you can combine greyscale with a random hyper-saturated color.  Black and white girl with red lips? Groundbreaking. Black and white grass with yellow flowers? Revolutionary. A red flower in a bouquet of black and white flowers? How creative. You should do it all! THE WORLD NEEDS MORE!



We are all looking for a magic wand or a trick that will make our photos pop and leave everybody in awe. However, there’s no such thing!

The tackiest effect in the world will not turn ordinary photos into masterpieces.

Color splash is IN YOUR FACE. You want that, and I get it. You want your photos to be striking — and it’s OK, everybody does. Selective desaturation does make photos visually striking, but for all the wrong reasons.


In case I haven’t stressed that enough: this effect is tacky and cheap.

Not everything has to look like that poster you had on your wall while you were in primary school. Nor like a candy box from the communist-era Eastern Europe.


Damali Conceptuals

Here is the deal. I do NOT disagree with one word that Jan is stating about Color Splash photography. What I do disagree with is his assumptive and prejudicial  position that only photographers who take bad shots, use color splash editing techniques to salvage garbage ( so to speak). The  images in this collection from Unlawful Color are proof positive that if you take a really good shot, and use color splash editing to enhance the image and not salvage the image, the end product can be quite beautiful, very sensual and most importantly, retain that artistic aesthetic. I think because most photographers know how easy it is to do a color splash image, they equate “ease” with “quality” and I don’t. I think Color Splash should be viewed though the eyes of the non-photographer who doesn’t care how hard or how easy it is to attain a beautiful image, they just want to appreciate the finished product.

Belladonna Del Rio 

I believe that I more than proved my bias as to why Damali Conceptuals and I love Color Splash photography. I do not see why I should separate you from the real reason any longer as to why  you are really here and that is to see these provocative and sensual fine art nudes. If you read the comments I made for each image, I believe that it’s not hard to see why Color Splash photography is still a gorgeous and erotic style of photography and with some creativity and implementation of true photographic skills and protocols, it can and still remains a viable alternative to the traditional fine art nude style of photography that we all agree to still love and admire.



Erotic Color Splash Photography by Unlawful Color on Tumblr.

Emotive erotic photography and neon green makes for an excellent art piece By Unlawful Color on Tumblr

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