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Special: Glee Girls Nude

by Belladonna Del Rio

The glee fox has been experiencing has been turned to sorrow.  The fox network lost one of their glee cast members this week to a heroin overdose. Cory Monteith , the gorgeous and strapping football player with a voice of an angel , succumbed to his lifelong addition to heroin.

The glee show has been a ratings bonanza for fox since Glee episode 2 until the season 1 glee finale.  Everybody under the age of 30 knows about the songs on glee and almost everybody over the age of 30 can appreciate the music from glee.  Most importantly, every male on the planet has secretly (or openly) harbored deep carnal lust for the Glee show star Lea Michele, the real life girlfriend of Cory Monteith.

The new glee show will never be the same without Cory Monteith.  However, life is for the living and life will go on.  So for all of these men who still harbor erotic feelings for Lea Michele and the rest of the gorgeous girls of Glee? Thanks to a blog-a-zine called Vblognation we would like to feature:

The Glee Girls Nude.

Lea Michele panties heels and socks

Lea Michele wearing just white cotton panties, thigh high socks and pick pumps for GQ Magazine.

Lea Michele in her panties sucking on a lollipop

 GQ Magazine. 


Lea Michele panties and feet

Lea Michele in just her bra and panties showing off her feet.

Lea Michele in her bra and panties showing off her sexy feet

 GQ Magazine. 


Lea Michele topless

Sexy star of Glee, Lea Michele topless wearing just her panties and boots.

Lea Michele topless wearing black panties and boots

lea michele sexy nude

Lea Michele bottomless

lea michele sexy nude

lea michele wearing only a pair of black panties and a blazer with no bra

Naya Rivera Nude

For Allure Magazine

Naya rivera nude disrobed

Glee star and girlfriend of rapper 2 Chains, Naya Rivera posed naked.

Heather Morris Nude

Heather Morris nude and sexy

Heather Morris nude and sexxxalishus!!

Heather Morris nude and sexy

Heather Morris Naked and free

Kristin Dawn Chenoweth Nude

kristin chenweth nude

kristin chenoweth naked

Gwyneth Paltrow Nude

Gwyneth Paltrow naked

Gwyneth Paltrow nude

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