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Beautiful capture. The soft natural light and the pose is alluring.

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Outstanding shading and lighting was used to create this beautiful nude portrait.

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A classic pose meets with a vintage 70’s styled composition. I LOVE IT!

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I adore the nostalgic glamour of this pose and lighting. The model’s eyes are mesmerizing!

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Great use of natural light with a gorgeous depth of field.

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The shading and lighting is wonderful. Overall just really good composition.

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Such an edgy aesthetic in this beautiful and captivating nude.

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The blown out backdrop, the ponytail and her aloof manner all blend in to make this wonderful nude.

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The model is ultra charismatic. Her eyes ooze sex appeal.

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The blown out side leading to the darker side on the left creates a lovely gradient.

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This appears to me to be a one light set. Very hard shadows mingled with sensual and soft lighting and pose.

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A powerful model meets a powerful photographer and they just power their way into an incredible nude portrait.

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There is something sensual and beautiful about a nude lifestyle.

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Aria Giovanni is one of my all time greatest crushes. The photographer did an excellent job at capturing her sensual charisma in a soft natural light.

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Erotic photography is very dependent on eyes to create the emotional story and the lighting so you can see it properly.

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I think this photographer did an exquisite job at capturing this model lighting wise but especially the perspective.

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I love MetArt photographs. They always seem to capture the model’s inner sensuality.

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You can see the one large square soft box in her eyes. Thus creating the soft and eye catching sensuality of the model.

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The wetness of her skin and the beautiful lighting of her skin is what makes this image POP!

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The cute tushy and the depth of field. Knock outs on each front.

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A sexy and coy posed candid. Another fave style of mine.

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