Alessandra Ambrosio -Erotic Editorial Photography Model

Erotic Editorial Photography featuring Alessandra Ambrosio

Model: Alessandra Ambrosio
Photographer: Yu Tsal
Credit: Narcisse Magazine

Alessandra Ambrosio the Victoria Secret supermodel and fashion icon is the featured model for our “Erotic Editorial Photography” article. Erotic Fashion Editorials are a brand new genre of photography that was created by Damali Conceptuals for our magazine. It is the fluid blending of elemental styles and compositions of both Erotic Photography and Fashion Editorial photography. This article features what we consider to be her best Erotic Editorial photographs to date.

We hope that you pay special attention to the artistically crafted composition, lighting, and storytelling by some of the world’s greatest  photographers such as David Bellemere, Mariano VIvanco and especially Yu Tsal whose work is flat out mesmerizing.

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