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Our primary mission is to assist more in the re-structuring of the photography industry as we know it today. Publishing erotic and fine art photography  that is without a doubt the edgiest, and sometimes the most salacious  imagery on the planet.

Soft Screams Magazine publishes pages as soft and beautiful as the artwork by noted photographer Criag Scoffone , or Damali Conceptuals, up to our infamous collections of fellatio photography, nude celebrity portraits,  and of course the controversial hardcore animated “Gif”images.

We believe that Soft Screams Magazine should be considered the home of any artist who loathes censorship and desires to express themselves freely without limitations up the extent of the law.

More than ever, photographers require marketing and promotions of their talents and visions. Soft Screams Magazine is committed to the artist to provide that. Soft Screams Magazine is the only erotic photography magazine that deliberately attempts to bridge the gap between the photographers, models, and the public by providing direct links to both of their websites, or pages,  where the photographers and models  can possibly be contacted directly. As well as provide much needed traffic to their sites for higher SEO, and possible revenue generation for both the models and the photographers.

It is our secondary mission to educate people on the artistic beauty of Erotic Photography, one image at a time and to educate photographers and laypersons on the significant differences between  the poor quality and sexually indulgent nature behind pornographic pics, and the artistry behind Erotic Photography.

Soft Screams is the erotic photography magazine, featuring erotica and nude photos

Pornographic versus Erotic Photography

There have been many debates on what is and what is not considered “pornography”. The basic description of pornography refers to the explicit display of sexual organs or activity. Other descriptions go on to explain that not only are the sexual organs prominently featured but that the purpose of the images are for sexual gratification and that they focus purely on the physical reaction to the picture. It does not make any claim to be artistic nor is there a focus on artistic aspects of photography.




Erotic photography, in contrast, is first and foremost a style of art photography. Erotic photography is meant to elicit feelings and emotions in the viewer. While subjects are often partially or fully unclothed, the intention of the image is not for the purpose of sexual gratification. Images may be suggestive or provocative, but there is a clear focus on the quality of the image. They are often still shots. Erotic photography seems to seek to highlight the beauty of the human body and elevate its depiction to new and ever more creative levels.

Erotic Photography:

erotic photography

Erotic Photography

Soft Screams Magazine is an adult Erotic Photography Magazine, formatted in a  blog-a-zine style with comments, tips, and insights provided by Soft Screams Magazine’s Editor-In-Chief Belladonna Del Rio.  Soft Screams Magazine features images that our editors, and viewers submit for the entertainment and education of the world. We scour through thousands of photographs a day to bring  to you what Soft Scream Magazine  considers to be the artistic best of the best of Erotic Photography.

If you would like to submit photographs to Soft Scream Magazine for publication consideration? Please click on the submission page and send in your photos. ( 10 Maximum) Please be prepared to show proof of models age if requested. All of the models must be at least 18 years of age. If we suspect that an image depicted is an underage model, we will report it to the proper authorities.

We do not own any of the images. We are merely using the images for entertainment  and education purposes. If any image in our magazine belongs to you and you do not wish to share it with the world, let us know and we will gladly remove it from the magazine.

If you are a photographer and you do see one of your images in our magazine? We hope you consider allowing the image to remain here and simply allowing us to properly credit you for a job well done. We are also more than happy to post any links to your site in hopes that maybe one of our readers love your work so much, that they want to hang it on their bedroom wall. Soft Screams Magazine has no interest in exploiting photographers. Soft Screams Magazine would like to help build your business and by doing so, the industry as well.

Soft Screams is for adults only. It is NOT intended for anybody under the age of 18. This magazine is NOT Safe For Work! 

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