The Critical 6

Photography Website Trends 2015

by Patrick McNeil

For Webdesignerdepot.com


When it comes to design, photography is a fundamental tool that every design puts to work at some point. What I want to dissect here is not the trends in actual photography, but rather trends in the way photographs are used and manipulated in web design.

Some of these trends are obvious and well known, others are frequently used and seldom discussed. I have found that when many trends on the same topic are collected into one set we find that we have stronger opinions than expected on the topic. Also, it seems that when we see trends like this compared to each other we discover that the approach we are using isn’t the best and can replace it with a better one.


The first trend I want to consider is among the most popular. Below is a set of sites that make use of very large background photos. This is an approach that has literally been beaten to death. But that isn’t to say that it should be abandoned. Like all good trends it has its place. My mission when filling this section was to find sites that didn’t use the style as a crutch. Instead I wanted sites that used it with purpose, where the background photograph played a powerful roll in communicating the message of the site. Consider this as you browse these samples.

6 Critical Photography Website Trends for 2015 by Patrick McNeil.

This is an example of a supersized background

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