10 Things you might not know about nude models

10 Things you might not know about nude models

by Ella Rose

I am thrilled to be able to share this article with all of you photographers and models. All the way from England, I bring to you a new up and coming writer  who is clearly on the right path towards greatness. This article by Classic Art Model and writer Ella Rose isn’t just extremely important for its obvious educational components. This article is critical for both photographers and models to read because it bridges that fundamental gap between our two disciplines of art, empathy. Ella Rose carefully explains the thoughts, emotions and expectations from the eyes of a Classic Art Model who is posing nude.

I practically begged Ella Rose to allow us to publish this article because I honestly believe what we can extrapolate from this article is much more important for our chosen field of creative expression than what the average Fine Art Nude photographers or Boudoir Photographers can attain from this article. We create erotic photography, we push the boundaries to the limits both creatively and sexually. Therefore, it is even more critical for photographers such as ourselves to understand what, when, where, and why these boundaries exist. I trust that you will take the time to read this article and for once, I am asking for you all to give me some feedback on an article. Honestly tell me what you think about the article. Do you see the brilliance, honesty, and empathy that I see in it?

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1. Yes, it is possible to make a living doing this

But it takes a lot of hard work and a good reputation. For every hour spent in front of the lens or canvas, roughly 9 million are spent networking, updating portfolios, organizing work, advertising, applying to castings, travelling to and from locations, packing/unpacking for jobs (because even nude models are often expected to bring props/accessories/ clothing) and attacking what I like to affectionately refer to as ‘the email mountain’. (We are grateful for the email mountain—it keeps us in business. We just wish we could hire some hobbit minions to live underneath it and help us out every now and then so that we don’t accidentally offend the creative types who grow more and more anxious by our lack of reply because we are busy modelling by day, sleeping by night or, you know, doing other important stuff.)

10 Things you may not know about nude models

Model: Ella Rose Muse; Photographer: britalicus

2. We don’t assume you’re a pervert

When you hire us for your artwork, personal projects or even just to test your ability to turn a lump of wax into a decent human-shaped figure. (But we do seek standard references before meeting new clients if we take our personal safety seriously.) Nudity is perfectly normal, but I have modelled for the occasional ‘newbie’ whose hands have visibly shaken at the experience, who’ve wanted very much to mention their wives and happy marriages within the first two or three sentences (perhaps in the opening email) to assure me of their lack of intention, and who announce that they will be leaving the room every time I change pose. It’s sweet, but largely unnecessary.


3. We don’t want you to touch us, especially when we’re nude

We are not made of fire (you don’t need to bounce away from us as though we might burn you), but if you think it’s appropriate to move our limbs for us instead of at least attempting to first describe a pose you are trying to capture, or push/poke us into position without asking permission first (not while you brush our hair away from our faces) we may find you rude at best and threatening at worst. Any contact should be careful and brief; this isn’t because we’re precious (seriously, nude models are not divas!) but because we value respect. It’s best to steer clear of any physical contact unless specifically agreed upon by the model.


4. We really do care about your results

Chances are, if we weren’t in some way artistically inclined or interested in modelling as a creative ‘vocation,’ we wouldn’t be in this job at all; we’d be doing something else completely. When hiring us, you are under no obligation to show us the final images, and we know that, but we really hope that you might anyway – it makes the whole thing more satisfying for us. This isn’t vanity; it’s fun to see the fruits of our labors, and we like to celebrate successes with you.


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